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Cayman University Dive Options

 Campus Diver Daily Boat Dives -
Our boat is very comfortable with all the amenities. You'll board the boat and fill out the necessary paperwork (bring your dive certification card) You'll get a boat briefing, your gear will get set up and we will be off to one of our favorite dives. After a site briefing, we'll offer you a guided dive with the optional Underwater Narration included. You can join the tour or enjoy your own dive with your buddy.
We use computer profiles to maximize your bottom time - so stay as

long as you want - but keep it safe.


We supply cold drinking water and a variety of seasonal fruit and snacks.

During the Winter, we bring out the Hot Chocolate and Coffees.

Our 2 tank dive is normally a wall dive (100') followed by a shallow dive (50-60'). If the divers prefer 2 shallow dives, that can be arranged.

Our 1 tank dive can be in the am or pm depending on everyone's vacation schedule.

 USS Kittiwake Wreck Dive -

In 2017, Hurricane Nate re-arranged the Kittiwake, moving her closer

to the wall and changing her angle to the bottom. She is an entirely new

wreck and still a great attraction for the Cayman Islands. We are officially

licensed to take passengers to the Kittiwake. We offer the underwater

narration on this guided tour as we do on all our guided dives.

There is an additional park fee associated with the Kittiwake's upkeep.

When done with your dive, you will get to keep your purchased medallion

as a souvenir. Cost includes use of a flashlight to check out all the nooks

and crannies for timid inhabitants.

 Private Charters -

Our boat, Campus Diver, is quite large and can accommodate several divers although we try to limit to six at a time. However, if you would like the boat all to yourselves for the dive, our private charter may be for you. This trip includes drinks and snacks for your group as well as a leisurely schedule.

 Stingray City -

Our Stingray Dive is in 12' of water at the original Stingray location. You'll get your Stingray survival briefing and in the water we will go. We will get in a circle and the stingrays will move in for some frozen squid treats. You'll interact with these girls for 30 minutes and then we'll swim around

the adjacent coral heads to see some of the other occupants.

The Stingrays will often follow along on the tour.

Stingray City Sandbar Snorkel Adventures -
The sandbar is where you will be able to stand up in 3' of water and

interact with multitudes of Southern Stingrays. This is part of our 2 stop

and 3 stop snorkel adventures. The other areas offered on these trips are

Coral Gardens and Barrier Reef. Both are unique in their own way with

lots of fish life and interesting structure. We depart from Governors Harbor so it is only a few minutes to our destination. Minimum of 4 snorkelers when weather conditions allow.

 Dive Buddy Shore Dives -
We offer you a dive buddy that can even talk to you underwater if desired. Grand Cayman has some great shore diving. Our guides can take care of the navigation, critter finding and commentary for you so you can enjoy your dive to the fullest. The underwater communications are great for Night Dives as well.


Campus Diver Dive Boat

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USS Kitiwake
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