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Cayman University Divers has a job offering for a Scuba Instructor.

One thing that is very important is that you must be at least 25 years old.
My motor insurance company requires it so if you are not old enough, please do not apply.

Welcome, I would like to make it very clear as to what I have to offer

here in Grand Cayman so there are no misunderstandings. You and I

would work closely together because it will just be the two of us.


I don’t have a dive shop, just a boat and three vehicles.

Campus Diver is a 1982 fiberglass v-hull with 2 x 4-stroke

225 HP Yamaha outboard engines. She is a 33’ long

Cuddy Cabin with a 10’ beam. This is not a new boat but

she is nicely  appointed. I only take out 6 divers at a time

so it is comfortable, yet roomy. We offer shade or sun and

have 2 fresh water showers and camera rinse. We serve

coffee and hot chocolate during the cooler or rainy times.

We also serve fresh fruit in season.




We operate from the West Bay Public Dock (100’ long) and a private dock in Governor’s Harbor (20’ long) depending on the weather conditions. We typically dive West (long dock) during the winter and North (short dock) during the summer.


Typical day at West Bay dock: 
8am – meet and pick up filled tanks needed for the day from our tank filler.
8:10 – we would unload tanks (4 to 15 max ), fuel, water, coolers, etc. at the West Bay dock.
8:12 – I would swim out to get the boat from its mooring while you transport all items ¾ of the way       down the dock.
8:20-8:30 – we would load items onto the boat and move back to the boat’s mooring.
8:30 – we would prep the boat while waiting for our customers. 
9am – pick up customers at dock, set up gear, do paperwork, etc. This could be from 1-6 divers.


Alternatively, you may need to pick up our customers from a hotel or the Port (cruise shippers) if requested.

We would then guide our customers on an amazing Wall dive to 100’. I don’t set any time limits so this could be a fairly long dive. After a 45 minute surface interval, we would guide them along a reef or wreck with a 50-60’ bottom. Again, I set no time limitations other than air, computer and buddy. You and I would normally alternate guiding deeps and shallows. If you do 40-45 minutes of guiding, that is usually enough time to show them around. Adult buddy teams can be left to explore on their own within the limits described above. 

12:00-1:30 – drop customers at dock and reverse order the steps above.


We sometimes schedule an afternoon 2-tank dive trip as well.

If we didn't have anything, you would usually have the rest of the day off. 


Macabuca Shore Dive.jpg

We do most of our training and night dives at Turtle Reef, which is accessible from the deck of Macabuca restaurant on the Northwest point of the island.


I would like you to do all of the training and guided shore night dives (night dives pay extra per head). I try to schedule training dives in the afternoons when possible, but if we don’t have a morning dive trip, that could change.  There is an amazing mini-wall dive just off shore loaded with fish, corals and critters.


Normally, if we have no customers and no urgent boat matters, you would have the day off. You could end up with several days off in a row but you would still be paid for them. On the other hand, we may be busy for many days in a row without a full day off.


Because we operate with a maximum of 6 divers, each trip is like a private charter.  You’ll have lots of time to converse and schmooze with the customers - tips can be very good.


There are no income or property taxes here in the Cayman Islands and it is possible for Americans working here to be exempted the first $100,000+ dollars per year on their United States tax forms.


I pay a base starting salary plus Tips and Commissions. Payroll is done on the 15th and last day of every month. I pay half of your (mandatory) Medical Premium and half of your (mandatory) Pension Contribution (Pension kicks in at 9 months). I pay for your Work Permit here in the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Government requires proof of a COVID-19 vaccination for all work permit holders.


You would need to have Dive Insurance that covers teaching Americans, dive equipment and paid up PADI dues, etc. We would also add some additional insureds to your policy to cover local teaching locations, etc. This is free of charge.

I will pay you 15% commissions on any full price business you bring to Cayman University Divers. You can find tourists everywhere, like the grocery store, beach, attractions, hotels or a bar/restaurant. Just talk them into a DSD, boat dive, or any course and you would earn 15% of the full price.


Locals get discounted rates, so you will earn 10% commissions on local customers you

bring to the company. Go around to the local businesses and sign up expats or

locals for a DSD, boat dive, or any course (discounted rate) to get your 10% commission.

This is a profitable way to spend your half days off.


We utilize underwater communications on every dive. This is not a full face mask but rather a 2 part system. There is a transmitting headset and a mouth piece. The spring-loaded nylon mouthpiece you would use is enclosed in a bulbous chamber with a built in microphone. The nylon extension sits behind your teeth and the spring tension holds the bulb against your face. It sits between the Canines and Premolars.

See it in action here


This may present problems for those with false teeth, dentures or bridge work. 

Mouthpiece 4.JPG

Grand Cayman can be expensive. The exchange rate is: USD$1.00 = KYD$0.80 

Below are some links to web sites you may want to check out.               Weekly Grocery Special                       Weekly Grocery Special                              Weekly Grocery Special    Cayman's Ebay/ cars/rentals/garage sale items


Due to the size of the boat and vehicles, weight and balance are important. If you could let me know your height and weight, it would be great and, because this is a business that caters to families,

I prefer someone with minimal body art/piercings. Non-smoker preferred as well. 

Please send me a copy of your CV/Resume and include a recent photo.

If this sounds like a lifestyle you are looking for, please let me know.

Also, if you have any questions I can answer for you, don't hesitate. 


WhatsApp   345.327.1238

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