Night Diving

We have the perfect Night Dive all picked out for you. It is an amazing shore dive called Turtle Reef. We utilize this area for our guided  shore "Buddy" dives as well as some of our PADI Training exercises.

The site consists of a shallow entry with a short swim to a "mini-wall" structure. The top of the coral wall is around 30' deep at this point and runs parallel to the shoreline for several thousand feet in either direction. The bottom is a vertical drop to 50-70' onto a sandy plateau. The wall is covered with beautiful sponges and corals and is the home to a large school of Tarpon. There is every type of fish here that you would expect to see on a tropical Caribbean Reef, along with lobsters, crabs, eels and turtles.


We will meet sometime before sunset for a Night Dive orientation and critter briefing, go over any special details and suit up for an amazing adventure. Who knows, you may be lucky enough to encounter the mating of the Sea Stars, night of the worms or a possible coral spawning event. Every night dive is unique.

One of the great things about this particular shore dive is that the entry / exit ladder is located at the edge of a bar / restaurant called Macabuca. Want an adult beverage and a burger after your dive?  Let your gear drip dry while you indulge. It doesn't get any better than that!

Cayman University Divers would love to show you this amazing dive.

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