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PADI Professional Scuba Training

We proudly teach all levels of PADI sanctioned dive courses up through Divemaster and several popular specialty courses. Do your training in a friendly, relaxed environment. Scuba Diving should be fun!

 Discover Scuba Diving ( NON-CERTIFICATION Course )

Not sure if Scuba Diving is your thing? Try our beginner course and see if you like it. After an informative lesson and aquiring a couple of useful skills, we'll be off to a great shallow dive where you'll be able to interact with the aquatic life you had only seen from the surface. Your Instructor will "talk" to you underwater during your narrated scuba tour! We are the ONLY ones that provide this service! 

On your FIRST EVER scuba dive, your Instructor can TELL you what that fish is! 

That adds up to Instant Satisfaction! We invite you to give it a try.

2-3 hours

 Open Water Diver Certification
Become a Certified Scuba Diver. We'll teach you all the skills you'll need to be able to Scuba

Dive whenever  you want! The course consists of PADI eLearning at home. Upon your arrival

in Cayman, you will be taught your pool skills and finally skill evaluation in our beautiful,

clear Cayman waters. You'll receive a certification that will open up a new realm of

possibilities including dive travel & continuing education. Your class includes everything

except a Log Book. We suggest the PADI Divers Log and Training Record. Our Underwater

communication device is utilized on all training dives. 

2 - 3 days depending on your schedule

PADI logo
PADI Diver Log Book
Local Open Water Students
Celebrating a Certification
Local Certifications
PADI Certification
New Certifications on the North Wall
Portia and Chris at Macabuca
Final Certification Dive

 Advanced Open Water Diver
Continue building new skills and confidence as you go through the next step in your continuing education.
With our Advanced Course you will learn:

Navigation & Deep, plus 3 elective Adventure Dives that you will choose from, including:
Night / Boat / Wreck / Drift / Peak Performance Buoyancy / UW Naturalist  just to name

a few. Let us Know if there is something specific that you are interested in.
5 dives over 2 days

 Open Water Referral (Check-out dives)
You can do all your class work and pool work at your local dive shop in the weeks leading up to your tropical vacation. When you arrive in Cayman, we will complete the open water dive portion of the course with 4 ocean dives and you will be certified.
4 dives over 2 days

PADI Advence Open Water Training

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