CU Divers Staff

Brad Nelson

Captain Brad Nelson, an Iowa farm boy, landed in Grand Cayman in 1988 after a brief interim in Florida.  Brad went to work for the largest and best known scuba operator in the Cayman Islands, “Bob Soto’s Diving”.  He quickly became one of the favorite DM's to dive with at Sotos.  Brad looked forward to seeing his groups of friends return year after year so he could take them on new adventures.  By 2000 he had become one of the longest tenured employees in the Bob Soto’s Diving family.  Brad has logged over 7500 dives in Cayman Waters.

Hurricane Ivan hit Grand Cayman in 2004.  It destroyed many boats and scuba operations, including Soto’s.  Brad took a break from the water and got himself a land job.  During this time he continued to work on his pet project, “Cayman University” (a fictional institution in Brad's mind) and figure out a way to get back to the ocean.

Captain Brad eventually found a boat for his divers, spent 18 months modifying and improving it and jumped back in the water  

with both fins.  He started his own dive company “Cayman University Divers”.  Now, with the boat, “Campus Diver”, he is back showing off the wonderful clear waters of Grand Cayman on his guided, narrated underwater adventures.  Diving with Cayman University Divers is open to all, and Brad invites everyone to come on down and join in the fun and adventure.

Alexander Jenks


Alexander Jenks started his dive career in the cold waters of England in 2009 while at university studying conservation.

One summer while at university he travelled on a 6 week conservation vacation to Fiji and was hooked, he returned to the UK to get his rescue diver certification before jetting back to Fiji to gain his Divemaster and Instructor qualifications.

He has taught in Fiji, Solomon Islands, Australia, Dubai and now here in the Cayman Islands.

He can’t wait to apply his knowledge and experience to helping people understand and enjoy the underwater world.

Alex is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) and an Emergency first aid instructor.