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Stingray City

Diver Interacts with Stingray

Diving with the Stingrays

Your dive excursion will be in 12' of water where you will have the unique opportunity to interact with several friendly Southern Stingrays. Your Divemaster will orchestrate this underwater adventure for the group with a briefing before the dive.

These girls are incredibly gentle and will expect to be petted and handled. They will be joined by a variety of fish species that line up for a handout as well. After feeding and interacting with the stingrays, we will go on a tour of the adjacent coral heads as this area is home to several other creatures to check out while we are there.

Snorkeling with the Stingrays 

Your snorkel excursion will include a stop at the Sandbar where you will stand in 3' - 4' of water and play with the Rays and other fishes that have gotten accustomed to handouts from the visitors. The rays will swim all around your legs and even swim along the surface of the water for a free piece of squid.

We will also make a stop at the Barrier Reef or Coral Gardens. The Barrier Reef runs along between the North Sound and the North Wall. There are many varieties and schools of fish along with the occasional eel in these shallow waters. Coral Gardens provides a concentrated area of coral heads in shallow water where you will find a variety of sea life.

Snorkelers at Stingray Sandbar

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