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Full Scuba Certification

If you are thinking about getting Scuba certified, you're in the right place. Cayman University Divers offer professional PADI Scuba training on demand.

These days it's easier than ever to get your Open Water Diver certification. Dive gear is included for all options. 


Option 1 - USD $690

    1) Sign up for our Full PADI OW Diver course which includes everything you'll need (eLearning, pool training and four open water check out dives)

    2) We'll send you an access code so you can start your on-line, eLearning training. This takes 10 - 15 hours to complete.

    3) When you arrive on island, we'll do your pool training which takes a half a day.

    4) You'll do four open water check-out dives to complete your certification.

Option 2 - USD $450

   1) Acquire your own eLearning or sign up for your academic sessions at home.
   2) We'll schedule your pool training and four open water check out dives when you arrive on Grand Cayman to complete your certification.

Option 3 - USD $325

   1) Do your academic and pool training at home.

   2) When you arrive in Grand Cayman, we'll set up your four open water check out dives to complete your certification.

Discover Scuba Diving Adventure

Not sure if Scuba Diving is your thing?

Perhaps you should try our Discover Scuba Diving course to see if you like it. You'll be diving on the reef within a couple of hours!


Your PADI Dive Instructor will begin your adventure with an informative academic lesson where you'll learn the important basics of scuba diving. 

Next, you'll learn about the equipment required for breathing underwater and how it functions.

In the shallows, you'll acquire some useful skills to get you comfortable for your underwater tour.


Finally, you'll be off to an amazing shallow dive where you'll be able to interact with the aquatic life you had only seen from the surface. We often encounter turtles, rays, anemones, eels and a variety of fishes.


Your instructor is going to "talk" to you underwater during your narrated scuba tour!

We are the ONLY ones that provide this service!

On your FIRST EVER scuba dive, your instructor can TELL you what that fish is!


That adds up to Instant Satisfaction! Why go anywhere else!

Additional Training

Cayman University Divers offer all levels of PADI Instruction up through Divemaster.

Contact us for continuing education and specialty courses.

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