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Big Tunnel  19°22'05.3"N 81°25'00.2"W


Grand Cayman Diving Options

Grand Cayman - West

Grand Cayman - North Wall

The West side of Grand Cayman has much to offer. It is normally the calm side of the island and features World Class dive sites just a short distance from the dock.

Let us guide you on tours through the labyrinths of Trinity Caves and Big Tunnel, or past the Elephant Ear sponges that adorn the walls of Orange Canyon.

The West has shallow reefs, bustling with schools of fish. Our shipwrecks are also located in these calm shallow waters off Seven Mile Beach.

We offer a wall dive followed by a shallow reef or wreck every morning. Our start time is usually 9 AM so there's no waking up with the chickens to catch your dive boat.

The North Wall features a dramatic drop off starting at around 50' and plummeting to 6000 feet deep. 

This is where we see lots of the larger pelagic creatures. You may encounter large groups of Eagle Rays moving in formation above, below or beside you as you make your way along the face of the precipice.

Reef sharks, giant Loggerhead turtles and free swimming Green Morays are among the residents of the North Wall of Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman - South Side

We dive the South Side when weather conditions dictate. The dives there are quite unique. These dive sites have been formed by Mother Nature's constant barrage of waves, creating dramatic spur and groove coral formations. Elkhorn & Staghorn corals adorn the tops of the shallow reefs at 15-20 feet where the battle for supremacy amongst the corals forms amazing overhangs, ledges and tunnels.

Shore Dive - Turtle Reef

We can accompany you on a day or night shore dive at Turtle Reef, the best shore dive on Grand Cayman.

Underwater Audible Narration is included on all dives that our knowledgeable staff members guide for you.

Just point at a fish and we'll tell you what it is with our sophisticated communication system.


PADI Dive Training

Join the thousands of certified scuba divers with our PADI sanctioned, Open Water Diver course. 

Getting certified to Scuba Dive is easier than ever.

1) Take an on-line academics course (eLearning is 10-15 hours)

2) Learn some essential diving skills in confined water. 

3) Perform 4 Open Water Training dives over 2 days.

That's it! You'll be a certified, Open Water Diver, ready to take on the Oceans.

Discover Scuba Diving

We offer a Discover Scuba Diving adventure for those folks

not quite ready to commit to a Full Scuba Course.

It's easy; it just involves a couple hours of your time. Your Professional instructor will introduce you to Scuba Diving with an informational academic lesson, after which you'll learn some important skills in confined water. Then you're off to Turtle  Reef, teeming with friendly fish and critters.

Kittiwake 4 small.png
Kittiwake 3.png

USS Kittiwake

The Kittiwake is one of the most popular wreck dives in Grand Cayman.

Cayman University Divers is a licensed operator, allowed to visit the wreck.

Book a trip with us and we'll take you on a tour through her bowels.

We'll enhance your adventure by giving you an Audible Narrated Tour as we traverse through each section of the wreck.


Audible UW Communications

At Cayman University Divers we talk to you underwater during our dive tours.


You just point at a fish or critter, and we will tell you what it is, what that creature might be doing at the time and why they're doing it. 

We are the only dive company that utilizes this technology on every guided dive and it's completely complimentary.

Originally created for Military use, this device allows you to hear your dive leader speak as he guides you along the wall, over the reef or through a wreck.

CU Divers Rates

All dives include tanks and weights
All prices in US Dollars

Boat Dive Rates

1 day of 2-tank diving

2 days of 2-tank dives

3 days of 2-tank dives

4 days of 2-tank dives

5 + days (per day)

Nitrox  (on request - per tank)

Kittiwake entry fee









Private Charter

2-tank - 6 divers - half day


Training Rates

Discover Scuba Class (approximately 2 hours)

Open Water Course (includes $212 eLearning)

Open Water Referral  (4 check out dives)

Open Water Course (pool + 4 check out dives)

Advanced Diver  (includes $190 eLearning)






Gear Rental

BCD  (per day)

Regulator  (per day)



Dive Computer







Guided, Narrated Shore Night Dives  We supply tanks, LED flash lights and Ultraviolet flash lights.     $75

About CU Divers

Cayman University Divers operated their first dive charter in July of 2012. Since then we have been taking individuals, couples and entire families on amazing adventures below the crystal blue seas off Grand Cayman. Our spectacular wall dives, shallow reefs and wrecks are among the best anywhere.

We limit our trips to 6 divers, so each outing is like being on a private charter. Prepare to be spoiled; our personable dive staff will assemble and disassemble your equipment, serve snacks & refreshments between dives and show you an incredible time. We even have a hot, fresh water shower on the boat for those rainy, cloudy dive days. 


We offer Underwater Audible Narration on all dives at no additional charge. We are the only dive operation offering this unique experience, so take advantage of it and book your adventure today! 


Captain Brad Nelson, an Iowa farm boy, landed in Grand Cayman in 1988 where he worked for Bob Soto's Diving for many great years. Hurricane Ivan in 2004 put an end to BSDL  and Brad had to move on. 


In 2012, he started his own Scuba Diving company, Cayman University Divers. Now, with his boat, “Campus Diver”, he is showing off the wonderful, clear waters of Grand Cayman on his guided, "Audibly Narrated" underwater adventures.  


Diving with Cayman University Divers is open to all, and Brad invites everyone to come on down and join in on the fun and adventure.

Cole MugShot3.jpg

Cole Van Bosch hails from South Africa.

He qualified as a PADI Scuba Instructor in December of 2019 after an internship at Scubaversity in Roodepoort, SA.

CU Divers recruited Cole for an Instructor position and he started his employment in November of 2022. Since then, he has been enjoying diving in Grand Cayman's clear, warm waters and showing off our amazing dive sites to his students and certified divers.

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